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SARVOTHAM SOLUTIONS LIMITED - The Research and Development wing of SARVOTHAM GROUP, based in Hyderabad works on principle of APQP ( Advanced Product Quality Planning). Our R&D wing works with well defined design and development plan that covers identification of Clinical Needs, Ingredient Qualification, Formulation Development, Stability and Clinical studies, so as to ensure both quality and safety of new products introduced in to the market. Our research team comprising PhD's & MSc’s and focused specialists in Pharmacology, Dietics, Nutrition and Food Sciences, guided by leading medical practitioners. PAN India, conduct extensive testing and development trials using latest technologies available in the field of nutrition, to obtain high quality products with proven synergy, efficacy, safety, along with the best possible organoleptic properties.

The Multidimensional R&D approach followed at SARVOTHAM offers greater efficacy and superior safety profiles for our products. Our products are tested through state-of-the-art analytical instruments, such as HPLC, GC, AAS, UV-VIS, FTIR, NIR, Osmometer, etc., along with In-house stability Studies. The R&D team drives these initiatives towards offering cost advantages to our customers. 

SARVOTHAM CARE LIMITED - Being medical nutrition company of global standards, we believes in development of disease specific, high end nutritional formula’s for most of the disease conditions that are either completely curable by nutritional supplements itself or where they serve as adjuvant in medical treatment with reduced hospitalization. The Centralized R&D centre  caters new product development requirements for all the divisions of the SARVOTHAM GROUP OF COMPANIES, Viz., SARVOTHAM CARE LIMITED, SPECIFIC LABORATORIES LIMITED, SARVOTHAM CARE, SARVOTHAM REMEDIES LIMITED. We also work jointly with premiere research institutions, corporates development and contract research projects. Products of Sarvotham Care Limited includes wellness, lifestyle products, Disease specific Nutritional supplements and Clinical Nutrition Products for patients in ICU’s, including pre and post surgery nutritional needs, wound healing, burns, cardiac health, cancer, etc.

The Vision and Focus of our R&D team at SARVOTHAM is based on the principle that “The goal of thoughtful nutrition is not just to ease disease symptoms; It is also to allow one to continue to use nutrition as a source of pleasure in one’s life”. We  are working continuously to achieve customer delight through innovative products.

For more information, please visit www.sarvothamsolutions.com

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