Products are manufactured at WHO-GMP certified facilities. The manufacturing systems conform to GMP norms and ISO 9002. The company understands your delivery commitments and adheres to strict schedules. Sarvotham Care Limited is flexible and can customize the outsourcing model to bring you maximum benefits. Capitalize on our skills and services at a lower cost and save time in the bargain.

Water Treatment

The Water system – the heart of the entire plant. This system has been designed and commissioned to meet world-class standards, incorporating state of the art technologies for De Mineralization, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Ion Exchange, Ozonisation. The purified water is distributed through a continuous loop system using SS 316 L grade electro polished pipes with triclover joints. The water is constantly in circulation and temperature maintained (controlled) thereby preventing any bacterial growth, post generation. The facility is also equipped with state of the art Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plants to reduce our bio burden on the planet.

Production Process

A clean room ambience is a vital element in the assurance of product quality according to whole concept of good pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. In accordance to world standards our floors, walls and ceilings are of Poly Urithane, supported by GMP doors and windows. All the equipment is SS 316L electro polished. State of the art water purification & distribution system ensures a rugged quality infrastructure for even the most delicate products. Best of the line equipment from established leaders in the industry, Uniflow layout, and multi modular Air Handling Units system keeps cross contamination threats at Bay.

Home Manufacturing Competence